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Replacing Fear with Trust

Blended  +  Adoption  +  Biracial Families

About Scott

Specialist for Blended, Adoption & Biracial Families

I can see that I was provided with the necessary skills early on that would assist me in my later years.  That education began as a young child with the diagnoses of cancer for my mom, and it escalated when I was thirteen when she passed away.  Shortly after it then brought into play my first experience with blended family life.  I can still recall how hard that was for me, as a young teenager having just lost his dear mother, to get my head around.  I went on to experience divorce and re-marriage and now have eight children, and sixteen grandchildren, that I wholeheartedly call my own.


I know the maze of emotions that can come from the fear and confusion that can be present in non-traditional family experiences.  I am grateful for what I have learned from the ClarityPoint Program and I look forward to helping you find joy and value in your impotant relationships.  I consider it a privilage to be able to assist you in discovering the tools and strategies to make love motivated choices in your life.  

Have You Experienced? 
Broken dreams

Do You Need? 
Greater Love 

I have experienced the incredible peace and joy that comes when you can replace fear with love and trust, and I know it can be done in all areas of our lives, regardless of circumstance.

From my outfit to yours! 

Please enjoy these takeaways. 


Reach out for a complimentary 30~minute

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"Nothing ever goes away until it

teaches us what we need to know."

                       ~ Pema Chodron

Services By Scott

I am committed to offering you a complimentary, no-obligation, 60-minute session prior to the beginning of the program you choose.

Individual ClarityPoint Sessions
The program is run over 12, 90~minute sessions and in addition to your 60~minute consultation prior, it also includes all materials and worksheets for the program which are delivered via email each week. ~ 
ClarityPoint Sessions
Also run over 12, 90~minute group sessions including your "individual" 60~minute consultation prior to beginning.  It also includes all materials and worksheets for the program, delivered to you via email each week. ~ 


“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by Scott in the ClarityPoint Program for a short time.  Unfortunately, I was unable to continue, due to my health concerns, but this is a great program and I hope to be able to continue it in the near future.  I’m really impressed with the program and with Scott, he is very knowledgeable and has a really calming demeanour.  I really appreciated his willingness to help me progress at my own pace.  I would thoroughly recommend Scott to anyone who is seeking help for any need.”   

                                 ~ RB