Broken Beauty

Spending time feeling broken can be just an excuse for not intentionally moving forward despite the challenges and disappointments that come our way.

Life's Doors

So many choices and so many hopes and dreams. How we look at change is very personal but so important.

After I fall

We can't control what happens in our lives but we can decide how we look at them and how we choose to move forward.

Before We're Ready

Everyone talks about being prepared but some things just come at us. Sometimes we can't afford the luxury of waiting till we're ready.

Clarity Formula

A formula for increased clarity created by Master Coach Kim Giles and taught by us at CreateRewrite.

Unconscious Mind

Chronic disease and chronic challenge. Neuroscientists say that 95% of our choices are made subconsciously. The same goes for our minds. That means only about 5% of our choices are consciously made. It can be changed though!

Benefits of Service

Thinking about others before ourselves can be just what the doctor ordered. Combined with gratitude it's unbeatable.

Improve Your World

Improving the world for others and for ourselves is really the same goal. It was never about just us alone.

Creating Change

Healing really is the change we choose.

Slow and Steady

By small and simple things great things can come to pass. The turtle doesn't have it all wrong. We don't have to be first over the line to still have personal wins. Setting Smart Goals help the process.

Transform Fear Into Courage

When we all do this we transform the world bit by bit. Powerful advice applicable any time but especially during Covid19.

Change Your Mind About Stress

What we think is so important because its what we believe. Changing what we believe about stress can change everything else.

Post Traumatic Growth

Just because it was hard, doesn't mean it was all bad!


Great advise coined by Dr. Martin Seligman.

Formula for Increased Clarity

A formula for increased clarity created by Master Coach Kim Giles and taught by us at CreateRewrite.

Step on the Path

We can't wait to live all those dreams and accomplish all those goals until we just get out and give them a try. Then they'll find us!

Clarity Points for Confident Kids

Teach a child these principles when they're young. Immunization for the soul. Preparation for a stronger life. See

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