Frequently Asked Questions:

About The Parents (Dam & Sire):

The Papillon is known for its butterfly ears, they were a big deal in French royalty.  The name Papillon is French for Butterfly.  They are small dogs.  He has a tinier physique than Roe.  She's all Shih Tzu and loves to eat and he''s a more dainty eater.  He is very loving and loyal.  He loves to cuddle and would do so for very long periods of time if we had nothing else to do, especially in the winter.  He has also loved camping.  My husband likes to ride horses and Tex has liked to walk along with them, or ahead of them and he's just been this miniature dog with the spirit of a horse as it were.  Both of them love toys and chasing each other, stealing each other's bones or stuffies.  They are good buddies and provide us with lots of love and enjoyment.  Roe is the one who doesn't shed.  Tex is the one who does but it is listed as low shedding.  You can google those details too if you like.  They love walks.  They love to run around outside too.  Papillons are very intelligent.  I think they rank in the top few smartest dogs, you could check but I know they're at least in the top 10 if not the top 3.  He was very easy to toilet train.  Roe took a little more work but she is the one who now rings a bell to tell us she needs to go.  He's the one who's been easy to train all the tricks to.  Roe is just adorable and funny in her own way but she doesn't quite get the meaning of tricks.  We can’t get him to ring a bell for anything though.  We love them dearly.


Per the Mayo Clinic, they state the following:  “There’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed, although some individual dogs may cause fewer symptoms than others. Many people think that pet allergies are caused by a dog or cat’s fur, but the real source of pet allergies is often a protein in the saliva and urine of dogs and cats.”  Further, it is evident that feeding your dog a raw or partially raw diet greatly reduces allergies, in the pet itself and for humans to the pet.  Dry kibble reduces the pet's hydration level therefore increasing problems with dander, shedding and skin irritations.


I don't know what other sources would say about that but for us, yes they both bark.  I wouldn't say it's excessive or yappy, but if any moose or deer come around we do hear about it, or if they get a scare.  According to "papillons are generally outgoing, happy dogs that enjoy sitting in laps as much as they like running around the house. Although lively and energetic, they are not considered high-strung, nervous or fearful, and they do not bark excessively."  According to "They are lively and amusing, typically having more energy than most lapdogs. Papillons are protective and sometimes even possessive of their owners. The Papillon is a gentle and loving family companion."  I've asked two of the owners of our last litter and they have both said "a bit, but they have been strict."  One uses a whistle and that stops the pup from barking.  They both live in town.  I live in the country.  I know one family takes their dog camping.  Seems to do well.  How they are raised matters too.  We didn’t always know what we know now and you can only expect the dog to be as good as what the owner trained them to do.  Puppy culture teaches in a beautifully simple way, so that helps.  Puppies do need consistency.


Do we share the birthing experience with buyers:

As the puppies are coming, and even when we can tell Roe is in labour, I would be happy to converse with anyone that has paid the pre-deposit and has given me a phone no. I most likely won't be able to promise a particular pup during that time because we'll have our hands full and we will let those choices happen in order of the payments received. The pups also will be just newborns and won't be as clean and photo-ready as they would be a day or two later, but certainly, I will add everyone in on that experience who wants to be. Because I was a photographer when I say I take and share photos that means I try to do little photoshoots for the pups here and there. It's just my fun and a bonus for the owners, well, if they like the pics that is lol

How we handle vet visits:  

Most breeders/sellers offer a guarantee that the puppy is healthy and free of serious infectious disease and requires that the buyer take the puppy to their own veterinarian to be examined within a specified amount of time, eg 48-72 hours. This is for the protection of both the buyer and the seller. When they are with us we take our puppies to our veterinarian if we have any reason to have a concern about them.  With the in-depth health, DNA and trait testing that we have done we feel that it tells a buyer more about the puppy’s health than a pre-emptive visit to the vet can.  Our puppies come with their shots, deworming, microchipping, and all paperwork etc.  As per the attached resource, we recommend that they be taken to the vet within the first week that they go home ~ ~ In here it states that: “Even if your new puppy comes with documentation of up-do-date shots, you still want to take him to your veterinarian a few days after he comes home. This gives your veterinarian the opportunity to do a full physical on him, possibly perform blood and fecal tests, determine a schedule for his upcoming vaccinations and begin a clinical record in his name. For the first time, you will have full control of your little bundle of fur’s healthcare.”

What we’d like to know about the buyer:

We feel that when pups are priced as these are, that people are genuinely desirous to be good owners and that they clearly are making a life-long commitment to the puppy.  For that reason, we're not big on grilling our prospective puppy owners but we do like to know a little about them. What draws you to these pups and how do you feel they'll fit in you're family? That sort of a thing.  We like to know enough about you to know what we can do to support you and the pup for successful bonding and development.

Will there be sleepless nights?

It will be exciting to bring home a new puppy, but it often comes at the price of sleepless nights as your new fur baby adjusts to their new living circumstances.  We will be crate training your puppies during their stay with us and highly recommend that you continue with that practice.  Crate training is vital to successfully raise a puppy, but it's also a very delicate task.  It's very easy for a novice Puppy owner to accidentally traumatize a puppy with improper crate training techniques which can only lead to regression and the possible development of anxiety disorders in your dog, for that reason we share frequent emails and a pdf that we’ve made up with lots of essential information for puppy owners.  Most of that information is based on Puppy Culture Training, which we take very seriously.


“It was an amazing surprise to have worked with Helen and Blue Bell Puppies. Our family was new to the puppy adoption process but we had peace of mind from the first point of contact until our pup made it home with us. Helen was fair and honest. We were able to learn of our puppy’s birth through pictures and videos which was such a great experience and helped us feel connected all the way through. The work they do with the puppies is really important and I think it helped with the adjustment when it was time to bring our puppy home, and complimented the training we are doing now. It was so nice to be able to trust the whole process from beginning to end and even now when we have a question I know I can always ask Helen and she’ll share her knowledge. I would very much recommend Blue Bell Puppies to anyone who is wanting to bring a new puppy home.”  ~ Sara, Grande Prairie, AB.


“Good morning! It’s probably inconceivable that we wouldn’t love this little nugget no matter what. But she really is precious, and you have done an amazing job socializing and handling her - she is settling right in, not timid or frightened, very curious and playful. She of course loves to be snuggled and prefers not to be left alone, but has made her little kennel her home overnight and happily curls up in there with her blanket. Right now I am enjoying my morning coffee with her in my lap  Thank you so much again!!! Next time we are in the market for another puppy, or if I have any friends who are, I will be happy to recommend you - and I would 100% trust you to pick my puppy, Olive is a perfect fit for  us!!”   ~ Vanessa, Calgary AB.

“I know I keep saying it but you have been amazing and I deeply appreciate it.  The photoshoots were beautiful and your updates were extraordinary.  I appreciated them.  We love Frankie.  We love her personality and she is fitting right in.  I’m excited for the bell to use with her for toilet training.” 

~ Lesley, Edmonton AB.

“Kairos is settling in nicely, thank you.  I loved the online album of photos and videos.  I love the way the pups were using pee pads before coming home.  He has been such a great dog and has trained really well.  He's a lot of joy and him and my grandson love each other so much.”

~ Marie, Spruce Grove, AB.