Whether for yourself or others it's just a great idea to make these

healthy tweaks that can lead to giant leaps in your health!

Glass or premium quality food-grade stainless steel can offer better options for our health.  Products made with silicone may not be the very best option but still offer a great increase in quality over plastics.  Its great that you love to make home-cooked meals that taste great but many nutrients are in the spices that you use and where and what they are stored in also matters.  These options allow you to replace standard quality spices packaged in plastic containers with higher quality spices stored in higher quality containers.  Another problem with using plastic storage containers is that when they go back and forth from room temperature to fridge or freezer and to high heat they leak higher levels of chemicals into our food.  This happens with our sandwich type bags as well.  It stands to reason that regardless of the quality of the food within, this still happens.  By preference, chemical agents are not something we want in or on our bodies, or our food.


Get Away from Plastic Water Bottles Too!

A set of 4 Reusable 20 oz Glass Bottles with a stainless steel cup & a protective silicone sleeve.  Environmental and High-quality Material: Bottles are made of ultra-clear Soda Lime Glass. It is a kind of low expansion rate, high-temperature resistance, high strength and hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability.  The cap is made of high-quality stainless steel, and seals are made of FOOD GRADE SILICONE, safe, environmental and prevents leaks.  Easy to wash: The glass is super smooth, which is very easy to wash just by clear water.  Dishwasher safe. Protective silicone can be easily removed and replaced

20 oz Ello Pure water bottle made of glass. It is perfect for travel, a gym routine, and more.  Good to Go: Threaded lid lets you drink directly from the glass, not plastic. A silicone sleeve protects against chips and cracks.  Easy Cleaning: All parts are dishwasher safe. No need to remove silicone sleeve for cleaning.  Clean, Safe, Green: All parts are BPA free. Our sleeve and lid seal is made of FDA food-grade silicone.  Peace of Mind: Ello's Lifetime Guarantee protects purchases from authorized retailers.

The Beast 20 or 30 oz Tumbler Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Cup with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & gift box bundle.  #1 INSULATION & TEMPERATURE RETENTION - Over-engineered. The splash-proof closable lid you can keep your drinks insulated and protected for longer!  #1 PREMIUM QUALITY - Highest Quality Premium 304 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel.  Sweat-free design, An electro-polished interior will ensure your cups remain pure and rust-free, imparting NO unwanted flavours, giving you a clean tasting drink every time! 

This LARGE CAPACITY ARTEESOL water bottle comes in 17, 25 or 34 oz, 18/8 stainless steel. BPA free and corrosion-resistant. The food-grade material will never rust or leave a bad metal taste in your mouth. The inner lid is made of stainless steel to entirely isolate your beverage from plastic.  Vacuum insulated.  This double-walled water bottle will keep your drinking water icy cold or steamy hot for 12 hours. The ultra-microwave copper coated and vacuum insulation reduces the transfer of temperature.

Whopping 32 oz glass water bottle with silicone sleeve.  Extra thick glass. Time marked to help you monitor and increase your daily water intake!  18-8 food-grade stainless steel lids feature a removable food grade silicone o-ring that seals perfectly to the glass, ensuring NO LEAKS! Lid features built-in carrying strap for those on the go with no worries about dropping it!  REUSABLE, BPA FREE, & NO CHEMICAL TASTES - DISHWASHER SAFE & ESSENTIAL OIL FRIENDLY: The all-glass bottle coupled with stainless insert in the lid means you can safely use your essential oils in your bottle! Dishwasher safe with the sleeve on!

20 oz Ello Syndicate.  Equipt with a locking, one-touch flip lid that lets you drink directly from the glass, not plastic. A silicone sleeve protects against chips and cracks.  Easy Cleaning: All parts are dishwasher safe. No need to remove silicone sleeve for cleaning.  Clean, Safe, Green: All parts are BPA free. Our sleeve and lid seal is made of FDA food-grade silicone.  Peace of Mind: Ello's Lifetime Guarantee protects purchases from authorized retailers.

Vacuum Insulated, dual walls, premium coated copper on the exterior of the inner wall. High-performance temperature retention, keep liquids hot up to 24 hrs and cold up to 48 hrs.  316 Stainless Medical Grade Steel which greatly outperforms 18/8 food-grade stainless steel in anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, it will never leave a metal taste or rust. Avoid the taste of the liquids to change (like tea, coffee and juice).​  100% Leak Proof & Easy to Clean.  The BPA-free silicone rubber on each lid ensures no leak, no plastic smell. A cup brush and a straw brush for easy washing. Perfectly suitable for daily use, running, hiking, camping, etc.​

20 oz odour-free, stain-free, clean-tasting glass is the perfect vessel for water.  Blue protective silicone sleeve for impact Protection.  Dishwasher safe.  BPA/bps, phthalates, and PVC free. [As plastics do appear to be on the lid for this bottle it may or may not be one of the best options.

Whether for yourself or others it's just a great idea to make these

healthy tweaks that can lead to giant leaps in your health!

Home and kitchen goods for the family kitchen:

Especially for Babies, Kids, Teens, their Parents and Grandparents

Don't forget the younger folk in the family:

Leak and waterproof zip lock lunch /food/makeup storage bags.  Seals in freshness.  Leak, spill and waterproof.  Second to none on safety.  Freezer safe and hand washable Made of FDA-grade Eco-Friendly PEVA material (which is also PVC Free, BPA Free, Silicone Free, Chloride Free and Lead-free one of the SAFEST materials on the market for storing food).  No environmentally hazardous colourings.  

A step in a good direction.  Keep these with your fabric grocery bags and avoid grocery store plastic bags for your produce.  Set of 6 produce bags, sized from 13x11 inches to 11 x 7 inches.  Safe and eco-friendly: 100% Natural cotton, similar to hemp fabric with a stainless steel cord lock.  Lightweight, strong, washable and reusable.  The anti-microbial property of our Linen Bread Bags fights bacteria and mould causing properties.  Will also work for toys, makeup etc.  

Great for Kids.  Fun 4 piece set of 10oz animal edition stainless steel drinking cups.  More than just a cup! Extremely Strong and Durable. Highest Quality Premium 304 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel.  #1 superior finishing inside & out.  Electropolished on the inside to ensure your cups remain rust-free! Imparting NO unwanted flavours. Clean tasting drinks every time!  Toxin, BPA, lead & phthalate-free, BP.  Completely recyclable (including packaging)! Dishwasher safe. ADULT VERSIONS AND SIZES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE in stainless steel colour or black.

6 pieces 8 oz stainless steel cup set, with 6 silicone cup sleeves in 5 colours, sufficient for you to use at home or party.  Stackable for storage.  Food-grade 304 stainless steel, no BPA, odourless; with inner and outer part polished.  Comes with 6 Silicone cup sleeves in 5 colours: silicone sleeve has thermal and cold insulation.  Anti-skid for easy holding and carrying.​Environmentally-friendly: compared with glass or ceramic cups, stainless steel cups have a longer service life.  Suitable for all ages, home and outdoor.

Stainless Steel Ice Lolli [Popsicle] Maker (set of 6).  Made of 304 food-grade stainless steel popsicle mould with log sticker, durable for long time use, healthy and safe.  Featured with stainless steel mould holder base, popsicle can be safely placed on it, convenient to take out and share your homemade popsicle with friends.  The popsicle sticks are made of high-quality wood, natural material guarantee your food security, easy to storage with a stainless steel base set, just put it in closet, make your kitchen looks tidy.  No leaking while freezing.

What a great way to save the planet and your health by using these eco-friendly, bendable, bevelled [rounded edge], easy to clean, reusable, dishwasher safe drinking straws.  UppWell stainless steel straws don’t contain any plastic packaging. Instead, our eco-friendly product is packaged in a beautiful cardboard box.  Each set is inspected 3 times in different facilities to ensure we deliver a top-quality product.  Canadian family-owned and operated business that stands behind its products.

Natural cotton mesh bags, polyester-free, nylon-free, unbleached, Recyclable and biodegradable.  From 12*16 to  8*12 in size, with alloy tighten button and foldable and portable for any your daily needs and multi-purpose.  Mesh produce bags are more breathable than a plastic or cloth for keeping vegetables and fruits fresh. Store to refrigerator.  Effortless to maintain and reuse; simply wash them in cold water (Machine washable), smooth out the wrinkles and air-dry them - that’s it.​

Boon silicone sippy cup tops, blue, orange and green.  Turn any cup into a spill-proof sippy cup.  Holds 9 oz. It can be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher or by boiling.  Do not place in the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

As above these elephant head shaped lids are also perfect for transiting babies from bottles to cups.  Safe and durable: Set of 5 100% Food-grade FDA-approved Food-safe silicone sippy cup lid. Assured that our sippy lids are Eco-Friendly, Free from BPA. Bacteria resistant, durable, waterproof, stains moisture resistant.  Suitable for any cup size 55-90 mm diameter. Stretch over to fit.  Super durability.  Works great for most plastic glass and stainless steel cups, meet your different needs.​  Spill-proof until there is pressure on the spout, as the spout only lets liquids out when it is being sucked on.

Stainless Steel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.  Made of type 304 premium grade stainless steel. No rust and built to resist daily scratches, corrosions and tarnishing. Concise structure, heavyweight, does not tip over.  Easy to fill & pump. It holds a significant amount of soap and pumps the perfect amount each time.  The dispenser sticks out enough that it doesn't drip down the side. It can be used to hold hand soap, dish soap, hand sanitizer, facial washes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. 

Whether for yourself or others it's just a great idea to make these

healthy tweaks that can lead to giant leaps in your health!

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