Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coaching by Helen

~ To serve you better, all services are offered face~face, online! ~
The individual Health & Wellness Coaching Packages includes 9 individual sessions held over 3~months. 
They consist of three 30~minutes sessions each month.  Group sessions also include the same schedule, three per month for three months, but last for up to 1~hour per session.  Both the individual and the group session packages include your complimentary "individual" 60~minute consultation prior to sessions beginning.

ClarityPoint Program Coaching by Helen

~ To serve you better, all services are offered face~face online! ~

Each ClarityPoint program is run over 12, 60~90~minute sessions in addition to a complimentary, no~obligation, 20~minute consultation prior.  It also includes all materials and worksheets for the entire program.  For your convenience, a couple package has also been added.  The group session is a favourite of mine as it is a win~win for both you and me.  It not only allows for a more affordable service for individuals & couples, it allows me to be of service to more people, but it's also been found that group learning 

offers a more effective & well~rounded learning!

Prices available for every budget!

Especially during COVID

Contact us directly!

Signature Packages by Helen

~ To serve you better, all services are offered face~face online! ~In this package, you have the opportunity to pamper yourself with the 12~ClarityPoint Sessions extended over a 6~month duration of time, allowing a freer~flowing time frame while having six additional bonus sessions where you can have the FMCHC experience, as well.  Whether as an individual or group session, it is a power~packed opportunity for increased growth & transformation.  This is an excellent opportunity for busy executives or those with chronic illness or health & wellness needs in addition. 

Just You Signature 
Package Price
Combo 6~HW+12~CP Sessions
~ $91 ~

Per Session

Materials + Extras + More

As low as

Team me up Signature
Package Price
Combo 6~HW+12~CP Sessions
~ $53 ~ 

As low as

Per Session

Materials + Extras + More

As this package deal can be combined with Scott's services as well, this means that

ClarityPoint Sessions can be with him and Health & Wellness Sessions will be with me ~

Questions About Our Policies

Why does coaching cost so much?

Coaching, for us, neither begins nor ends with the actual session where we meet with you.  We personally prepare and wrap up for each session.  Depending on individual needs we are also available to you between sessions.  This may look like a check in on you, as requested, contact from you, our facebook group, or a complimentary inspiring quote by email.  You hired us to be your coach and we are here for you for the duration of our coaching agreement.


Can I change or cancel an appointment

Yes, but we do need to be advised of cancellations or time changes for appointments a full 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment or the appointment can not be rescheduled or refunded.  The cancelling or rescheduling of appointments makes it very difficult for us to plan and schedule our time and can create conflict as we try to serve others.  It also can lessen your progress.


Can I be refunded if I discontinue coaching?

Once coaching sessions are begun there is no refund if a person chooses to discontinue coaching.  People will, rightfully, ask why that is and the answer is simple.  We love each individual too much to allow them to give up on their efforts.  Commitments need to be seen through for a lasting change to happen.   

However, we fully understand that life gets in the way at times and when coaching sessions are begun, but interrupted for unexpected circumstances, we are more than willing to postpone your remaining sessions until a later date at no additional cost and with no penalties.  We will always honour any coaching agreement, at the price it was purchased, even when rates may have increased.