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"You can't go back and change the beginning, 

but you can start where you are 

and change the ending."

                                               ~ C.S. Lewis

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About Helen FMCHC

When was the last time you invested in yourself and celebrated who you are?

“He who knows others is wise.  He who knows himself is enlightened.

                                ~ ​Lao-Tzo

WHO I AM: First and foremost, I am a wife, mother and step-mother to eight children and grandmother to sixteen.  I have served as a professional genealogist for many years and have now trained as a Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coach and to be able to offer the fantastic ClarityPoint Program also.  I'm aware that this could appear humorous, as, what do you get when you cross a genealogist with a functional medicine health and wellness/life coach?  The best answer I can come up with, however, is just me!  Someone who through her life's experiences and trials had to search to discover who she was.  Only to finally learn that this question wasn't nearly as important as whom she would like to become.  I found that self-discovery tied with self-creation provided the ability to dare to define a whole new vision of myself. I could lay old, ineffective fears aside and re-write subconscious thoughts & thereby create, or indeed curate, an entirely new and improved image of myself and my life.  


WHAT I OFFER:  I see my role, as being your virtual travel agent as my responsibility is to assist you in getting somewhere amazing in your life.  Where that would be or what that life destination may look like is what you bring to the table.  I then work with you to co-create achievable plans in a safe space where you can gain ownership and control as we journey toward that chosen destination together.  In that virtual classroom, we’ll plan for real or potential obstacles and collaborate on solutions that best equip you to navigate through your personalized life situations. With neither limits nor tests, you are heard, accepted, and empowered to experiment freely; as you work for personal accountability to define your life and arrive at your vision. 


I do this within my niche as an Intentional Living Coach, in any of these specific ways.


 Creating Freedom by Re-writing Limiting Life Beliefs 

 Health, Wellness & Self-compassion Regardless of Age or Size

 Epigenetic’s, Genealogy & Generational Family Trauma

WHY I DO IT: The three areas mentioned above have all been a necessary part of my life's journey, which has inspired me to accompany others, like yourself, on yours.  I have learned that despite the loss of former hopes and dreams, we can unleash a deep sense of gratitude in three areas.  We can do this for what was, whether good or bad, for what is, whether planned or expected and for what can still become.  As we work to develop our unique bouquet of strengths, we can see our perceived flaws turn into superpowers by exercising our choice muscles and turning hope into success.  As we continue to face our fears, challenges, and obstacles, we see that it's not about perfection versus imperfection.  We are always entirely perfect but regardless of travellers' fatigue, we can choose to maximize the joy in our journey because in truth, "It's not what's wrong in our lives but what's strong in them that matters."  Dr. Martin Seligman, I love to help people find, create, rewrite and celebrate what is truly strong within them.

Please accept this invitation for a complimentary 30~minute consultation on your assessment and

survey results.

How I Define Relationships

My Services

I am committed to offering you a complimentary, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation prior to the beginning of the ClarityPoint program.

What relationship do you hold with your habits, thoughts, spirit, feelings, health, the food you eat or crave, your family, co-workers, neighbours, and your identity with yourself and others? 


“I worked with Helen for 7 weeks and she helped me change many aspects of my life.  Her kindness, presence and thoughtful inquiries helped me see myself and how I was operating in the world in new ways and make small changes each week that led up to big results.  I am so grateful for our time together and for how my life has changed since we first started meeting.  I will be coming back anytime my life needs a tune-up or when I'm ready for a step in a new direction.”

                    ~ Mel

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