Clarity in Relationships,                         Blended, Adoption &

             Past & Present                                       Biracial families


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help clients find a greater love for themselves and others.  As they do that they can then show it, live it and connect with friends, co-workers and family in new & rewarding ways.

To accomplish this, we get to the core challenges and fears that stand between the client and what they most want.  We foster the tools for growth in a loving and authentic environment helping each client develop individually while acquiring a higher level of self-compassion and understanding for themselves and others.

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Clarity in Relationships,                        Blended, Adoption &

                             Past & Present                                   Biracial Families

For the Good of Your Health

Intentional Living  +  Health & Wellness  +  Family

RECLAIM          RESTORE          RENEW          REWRITE

Working to create a difference in the lives

of individuals and families locally and globally.


Coaching at a Glance

It can help with
  •  Creating Freedom by Rewriting Limiting Life Beliefs & Stories

  •  Epigenetic’s, Genealogy & Generational Family Trauma

  •  Health, Wellness & Self~Compassion Regardless of Age or Size

  •  The Grief & Loss that Comes with Separation & Change

  •  Seeing Ourselves & Others with Wisdom & Compassion

  •  Creating Love Motivated Choices by Rewriting Limiting Fears



Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions
In this setting, Helen is able to co-partner with you in a confidential, empathetic and personalized way to co-create the lasting lifestyle changes that you envision for yourself.
A powerful and transformative 12~week program that shines light into who you truly are providing surprising and essential clarity of thought, purpose and personal potential.
Signature Coaching Sessions
Combines all the benefits of professional Health & Wellness Coaching with
the full ClarityPoint
program for a more in-depth and longer~term support experience.

Complimentary Consultation


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“I worked with Helen for 7 weeks and she helped me change many aspects of my life.  Her kindness, presence and thoughtful inquiries helped me see myself and how I was operating in the world in new ways and make small changes each week that led up to big results.  I am so grateful for our time together and for how my life has changed since we first started meeting.  I will be coming back anytime my life needs a tune-up or when I'm ready for a step in a new direction.”

                                  ~ Mel